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OMG, although I use essential oils and aromatherapy candles daily, whether I am mixing my products, envisioning new recipes or simply cleaning my home I have for ever had a deep love and respect for the craft I practice.

It's a little like a long time marriage though, sometimes you get a bit lackadaisical and take things for granted.

I use Roman Chamomile and Lemon to balance, relax and yoga, orange and lemon to enhance cleaning, and rosemary and geranium on my pillow.  Almost without thinking.

However, there are still these moments of pure unadulterated joy, when I remember how much I love the magik of aromatherapy and know how truly blessed I am.

One such moment was last week, I was levering the top off a 10ml bottle of essential oil and the knife accidently slipped and sliced through my hand, I had a rather gaping wound which was bleeding everywhere, Now in the past I would have been running about, desperately trying to find Dettol or Savlon or something of that nature, however not only was I calm (must have been because it was a mixing day) but I boiled the kettle, let the water cool and added a very little tea tree oil. This  fantastic antibacterial essential oil cleaned and sterilised my cut so thoroughly that the nurse who glued it together was surprised at how clean the wound was.

This is only one of the many reasons why I truly love the botanical earth magik currently known as aromatherapy, and like every long term relationship, it is sometimes the littlest things which touch our heart and rebase us to the space of love.

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