About Us

Inspired by the pure raw nature of the Scottish countryside, our organic aromatherapy products have both healing properties and beautifully scent the home. We are a woman focused company, creating scents for women at every stage of life.  Our vegan friendly room sprays and diffuser oils ease transitions and aid focus. Drawing inspiration from the emotional and physical challenges we, as women, face, our scents relieve symptoms of pregnancy, periods and menopause, as well as help with daily struggles such as insomnia and difficulty in concentration. All products are hand blended in small batches and provide a healthy and natural alternative to conventional chemical laden room fragrances.

The Divine Hag is an aromatherapy lifestyle concept.

The three arms of our logo is a representation of the celtic triple goddess – the maiden, the mother and the crone.  This feeds into every aspect of our business.  We are a woman focussed company, creating scents for women at every stage of life.

The Divine Hag is for me the perfect representation of the rawness of nature and the elemental quality I wish my products to have.  It represents age and wisdom and the many years of study and experience that have brought these products to launch.

Of all the wisdom and therapies I have studied aromatherapy had the greatest resonance for me as I have for my entire adult life suffered from severe migraines and many scents can bring on instant pain, I also due to this have an intensified sense of smell, which I decided to use as a gift rather than the curse it had for years appeared, from this I devised aromatherapy sprays, using the properties inherent in the oils and layering them in various dilutions over the years until I reached the optimum mix of aromas for each use.

These sprays can be used in place of many of the chemical sprays and plug ins air fresheners which are often used in the home. These, often artificial, scents, spill out very strong chemicals, which have been found to be detrimental to health, especially for those with chronic conditions such as asthma.

The beautiful hand crafted aromatherapy room sprays I offer have been years in the making, and are now I believe the best you could wish for.

I began my concept principally with women in mind. I soon discovered that men also loved my fragrances and it was suggested that I produce some organic beard oils also fragranced with aromatherapy, so I now manufacture and hand produce a range of three beard oils all of which have been well received.