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“I thought of you when I heard this - there is a wee dog, a Jack Russell who, since a puppy has had seizures, huge vets bill, every test, MRI scans, the lot, so I told the girl to check her home today, and guess what has been the cause………. Chemical plug ins and cleaning products. Once these were eliminated, no more seizures!”

I was sent this from a woman I had been discussing the rise of chemical house fragrances with, and how it affects our pets and our babies and children every day.

Firstly - Never apply undiluted essential oils on your dogs skin, this could cause severe irritation.

Secondly - Remember that your pets have a very high sensitivity to smell, so ensure that the essential oils are very diluted, almost to the point where you cant smell them as this will be enough for your pets to manage and will enable that to have the benefits of the properties of the essential oils

Here is a  guide to essential oils which are known to be safe when used around dogs.

Frankincense - my number one go to for anxious pups, this gentle wholesome oil will help to relax your pup and relieve anxiety. It is fantastic when used in conjunction with one or more of the following essential oils recommended and spritzed around the dog to help calm, especially good for vets visits or for travel,

Chamomile - a heady and fragrant essential oil, calming and relaxing and useful for both humans and pooches

Geranium - This heavy pungent floral fragrance with herby tones is perfect to use around older ( and occasionally smelly ) dogs. This promotes restful relaxation and is also known to repel insects so can be helpful if spritzed over the doggies bedding

Myrrh - a beautiful, heady relaxing woody essential oil is a happy relaxing scent which soothes and relaxes the animal, can also mask doggy scents

Rose - although expensive, this relaxing floral aroma creates a calm and restful environment whilst also deodorizing ( again helpful if the dog is slightly smelly) the properties of this essential oil are used to help with separation anxiety and  trauma, therefore it is ideal to use for trips away and vet visits.

All of the above essential oils can be blended together to create a custom blend specifically for your pet

Simply use an atomiser bottle ( readily available online) and fill with distilled water, mix a couple of drops of your preferred essential oils in the bottle, shale and spray your own fabulous dog mist. This can then be sprayed on the dogs bedding or travel blanket and should help calm and ease the anxiety of the dog.

Alternatively  add a couple of drops to a vaporiser and vaporise in the room with the dog.

NB Please remember never to apply undiluted essential oils directly to your dogs skin and again remember that the dogs sense of smell is very much greater than yours so do not add to much essential oil

Essential oils which are known to be unsafe for dogs












Tea Tree


This is not an exhaustive list - always double check before using essential oils or fragrance near to your pets

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