Aromatherapy and Anxiety

Having suffered from social anxiety for many years and due to this missing or arriving late for events I have revolutionised my life by understanding the importance that essential oils can play in helping to ease this nasty affliction.
Essential oils work on the limbic system which is the most primitive area of the brain, dealing with the emotions, memories and stimulation, so it is clear that positive effects on this area can be beneficial for the likes of anxiety, further essential oils are an effective and easy way to ease the difficulties faced by us anxious types.

One of the most gentle essential oils which help with anxious feelings is Chamomile, this gentle oil can also be used with animals and during pregnancy, its gentle fragrance truly does help to soothe the soul, it can be diluted in a carrier oil and applied to pulse points or a few drops can be added to water in an oil burner.

Lavender oil is also very useful to many, however be careful if you have either asthma or migraine as it can both induce wheeziness and trigger migraine.
If however you suffer no ill effects this is a truly useful relaxing oil which is heavenly when a few drops are added to bath water, it relaxes and eases out anxious feelings.

Another favourite of mine is Frankincense. Like chamomile, it is safe for animals and pregnant women.  Famous for being delivered to Jesus by one of the three kings and used in church incense for centuries, this heady, soulful fragrance wraps itself around you and calms both mind and soul.

Gentle Rose, also safe for use in pregnancy, can be diluted in a carrier oil used on pulse points, mixed with chamomile and frankincense it can be used as a massage oil, bath oil and in a diffuser, adding beautiful fragrance while easing anxiety.

Other useful essential oils which can be mixed with the above are –
Vetiver – a heady, almost musky fragrance, which when I breath it in immediately restores calmness and helps to centre my emotions, also safe in pregnancy and to use around animals
Ylang Ylang – this is a very flowery, heady scent, and again my induce headaches so try carefully at first, can be used in pregnancy, and is best applied to pulse points
Geranium, a warm summery fragrance which not only ( especially when mixed with frankincense and rose ) gives dull skin a boost ( always mix with a carrier oil )
Also fabulous when added to a bath or inhaled in the shower, geranium is almost
guaranteed to ease soothe all anxious thoughts.
All of these essential oils can be mixed with each other according to personal preference .

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