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Living in such a cold dreich climate means that many of us suffer badly during the winter months, and no matter how much we are told to go wild swimming, that  the art of coorie is alive and well and to get out and have a good old stomp in the rain, not all of us are either willing or able to do these things.

So this is a wee selection of aromatherapy inspired ideas to help us in these hard to get through months.

Candles - not only do these offer some beautiful light but they do generate a little warmth

Candle light can be very healing, it is gentle, old fashioned and meditative

Setting up several little tealights in small glasses (safely) lends a twinkle which can help to uplift your spirits.

I am a great advocate of all things natural, and whilst you will all be aware that soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax this is not the only consideration

Most candles are scented with artificial fragrance, many which are synthesised from petrochemicals, this has been scientifically proven to be unhealthy, so be careful in your choice, fragrances such as tobacco and baby powder, which may be favourites are not doing either you are your family good, be aware of what you are breathing into your lungs

Rather, look for a candle scented with essential oils, these rarely smell as strong, they are however doing you good, for instance, if you are feeling a bit down a lovely naturally scented citrus candle should help to raise your spirits.  All our candles are made with earth friendly soy wax and essential oils.

Lemon and many of the other citrus oils are renowned to have the properties which help with depression and are ideal to have in the house at this time of the year - remember you are breathing in the goodness of the oils (medicine for the soul) rather than breathing in processed petrochemicals.

Another lovely way to escape the cold of winter is to have a lovely warm bath soak - let the heat soak into your body in a beautiful bath salt scented with essential oils to help restore body and soul (for those who love a shower simply pop some if the scented salts in the side of your shower and breath in the aroma)

I would advocate Himalayan salts as these are earth friendly and have 84 minerals and elements which are said help to balance the skin pH level

They are less draining and much more relaxing than epsom salts (which do of course have their own uses)

Mix about 100gm of salts with a few drops of a good quality rose oil and geranium oil

Then use about 1/5th in your bath, dissolve in running hot water, then slide in and relax.

Always be careful in getting out of an oil bath as you don’t want to accidentally slip.

The properties of Rose oil are perfect in the cold dark winter as the properties that it is know for are to relieve anxiety, ease stress and pain and also to enhance libido

Geranium marries beautifully with Rose and shares some of the same properties, it relieves stress and anxiety and so aids relaxation.

Both of these essential oils are known for their skin enhancing properties, so are ideal for using in the Winter months when our skin is under duress from the elements.

Both of these oils can also be added to the bath in a carrier oil, for instance a couple of drops in an almond or coconut oil base will still allow you to relax in the warmth of the water whilst breathing in the benefits of these beautiful oils

You could also use these as hand or feet massage oils as both are good for skin firming and toning and a hand and foot massage help to aid relaxation and sleep.

Finally you can diffuse essential oils to add scent and through the winter,either in a diffuser with water just add a few drops, an uplifting blend is a few drops of lemon oil (energetic, happy, helps to relieve anxiety and aids concentration, add Roman Chamomile for its healing and calming properties as the perfect balance to the Lemon)

This gentle mix will fragrance your home, calm you and help uplift your spirits during the sad, hard winter months.

For a more warming, scent try a few drops of sweet orange - a soothing nurturing scent, with properties to cheer and calm you with a little Rosemary to balance as it also has calming properties, but can be over stimulating if overused, this oil also has antibacterial properties, which add to the Winter goodness

So continue to coorie in, whilst using the goodness of essential oils to nurture your body and calm your mind.

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