The Gift Of Sleep
The Gift Of Sleep
The Gift Of Sleep
The Gift Of Sleep
The Gift Of Sleep
The Gift Of Sleep
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The Gift Of Sleep

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An amazing Bumper Sleep Gift Box

This Beautiful box contains -

Bliss Sleep Pillow Mist 50 ml

Bliss Sleep Balm 10 mg

Bliss Sleep Bath Salts 100 mg

Bliss Sleep Candle 120 ml

A fantastic gift for anyone under stress or having trouble getting to or remaining asleep.

The contents of this beautiful box form  the basis of a sleep ritual which is also a known remedy to create a bedtime habit to ease into sleep. 

The Value of each of these products including the gift box is £58 but is available for £50, fully wrapped and ready to gift.

For Contents info see below 


Skillfully crafted from a range of relaxing essential oils, this pillow mist creates peace inside you and enables you to relax into a peaceful sleep.

How to Use


Simply spray this blend on your pillow or a tissue located nearby and the healing and relaxing aromatherapy notes will do their work.

This blend can also be spritzed into your running bathwater or in the bathroom before your shower to aid relaxation in your bedtime routine.

Using the spray on a regular basis, even on a night where it is easy to fall asleep, will deepen the sleep association and make the scent more effective on those nights where sleep is a struggle.


This candle echoes the Bliss Sleep botanical bedroom mist.
The candle winds together relaxing aromas of geranium, rosemary camomile amongst others
All calming the mind and relaxing the soul, leading to a deeply relaxing sleep
Best used in conjunction with the Bliss sleep botanical pillow spray.

Vegan, cruelty free soy wax candles lovingly hand made in Glasgow with essential oils.
No parabens, No fragrance oil, 20- 25 hour burn time
All of our candles come in 120ml Amber glass jars with brown lids
All have between 6- 10 ml essential oil to fragrance and the purity of the soy wax enhances the fragrances from the essential oils
All vessels can be reused or returned for a £1 discount on repeat purchase.


This balm is a sumptuous blend of organic butters and soy wax mixed with the bespoke Bliss Sleep essential oil blend, for you to apply to your pulse points and massage in to the soles of your feet as part of your sleep ritual to aid deep relaxation and a blissful sleep.

Bath Salts

Simply sprinkle a spoonful under a running tap , then luxuriate in the wonderful Bliss Sleep aroma, relaxing both body and mind ( be careful on getting out of the bath, essential oils may cause your bath to be slippy )

Each box will be sprinkled with botanicals and the first 100 will contain a special surprise gift.