Pause Candle
Pause Candle
The Divine Hag

Pause Candle

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Echoing the Pause Mist Blend this candle has the cooling notes of Basil and Peppermint, the relaxing energy of Camomile and Geranium along with the verve of Lemon and Orange

it has a restorative and loving scent, designed to assist through any phase where a pause may be necessary, but more specifically for the difficult mid life menopause time.

The ingredients are designed to calm, cool and relax, ultimately to calm the nerves, cool any flushes and help with concentration.

The candle has been manufactured from eco- soy wax and essential oils

All essential oils blended in this candle have been specifically selected with  regard to their properties which are of specific use during these times.

All candles are vegan, ethically sourced and made and 100% ethically produced in Scotland.

The candle comes boxed in a recycled cardboard kraft box and is wrapped in tissue.

Both the candle jar and the box can be reused and are recyclable

Burn time 20- 25 hours