Bliss Sleep Mist
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Bliss Sleep Mist

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Chronic insomniac or just having a little trouble sleeping - this hero product is for you

It is said that all the best products come from our own need

I have been a chronic insomniac and I could not tolerate over perfumed sleep sprays which were lavender laden ( a known migraine and asthma trigger )

So, many years ago I crafted my own pillow spray, which in the original recipe is shared with you all now, this is our hero product, which has countless rave reviews and is well received as a gift for both sexes.

Skillfully crafted from a range of relaxing essential oils, this pillow mist creates peace inside you and enables you to relax into a peaceful sleep.

How to Use

Simply spray this blend on your pillow or a tissue located nearby and the healing and relaxing aromatherapy notes will do their work.

This blend can also be spritzed into your running bathwater or in the bathroom before your shower to aid relaxation in your bedtime routine.

Using the spray on a regular basis, even on a night where it is easy to fall asleep, will deepen the sleep association and make the scent more effective on those nights where sleep is a struggle.

Available in 50ml sizes.

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