Blissful Sleep Gift Set
Blissful Sleep Gift Set
The Divine Hag

Blissful Sleep Gift Set

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With our Blissful Sleep gift set you can create a fully immersive aromatherapy experience to prepare for a peaceful sleep.

Put about a third of the bath salts under running water to enjoy a relaxing bath.  If you have a wax burner, use the melt to fill your home with the soothing aroma.  Spray the room mist around and on your pillow as you are ready for bed.

The Blissful Sleep Gift set contains 50ml of our best selling room mist, 30g Blissful Sleep scent bath salts and a Blissful Sleep scented tea lightwax melt delivered in a craft box.

Warning - Bath salts contain oils and may make the bath slippery.  

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