Winter Woodland Large Candle
Winter Woodland Large Candle
Winter Woodland Large Candle
The Divine Hag

Winter Woodland Large Candle

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This magical enchanted fresh scent is as if the woodlands have been plucked up and placed in your home

Mixing the best of Pine wood and needle- giving the natural freshness of Christmas trees without the disinfectant tone this adds lightness and warmth to the home

Perfectly balanced with the more resinous tones of Cedar Wood bringing depth and harmony this candle also has fresh lemon undertones

The essential  oils used are not only fresh and harmonizing they are also uplifting to the spirit and life enhancing - exactly what is required on cold winter evenings

These vegan, ethical, cruelty free soy wax candles are lovingly hand made in Glasgow with essential oils

No parabens, No fragrance oil, 40- 45 hour burn time

All of our candles come in 180ml Amber glass jars with brown lids

All have between 6- 10 ml essential oil to fragrance and the purity of the soy wax enhances the fragrances from the essential oils

All vessels can be reused or returned for a £1 discount on repeat purchase

This 180mg candle has a burn time of 40 - 45 hours