Travel Trio
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Travel Trio

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Perfectly designed for your travel bag, our Travel Trio, features three organic fragrance sprays to make your holiday or business trip feel like a home from home.

Each will help you on your travels in a different way.  The Anti-Nausea Spray will help ease any sickness whist the Clearing and Re-energising spray will waken and energise your body.  Finally, Blissful Sleep will encourage peaceful slumber in an unfamiliar setting.

How to Use
Starting with the journey, spritz some of our Anti-nausea travel spray on a sleeve or tissue.  Inhale when required, to stave off any hint of travel sickness.

When you arrive at your destination, spray the Clearing and Re-energising spray around your room to lighten the atmosphere, help with jet lag and make it feel more like home.

About 30 mins before you plan on going to sleep, use the Blissful Sleep Spray, this can be sprayed in the air around the bed and/or on your pillow to envelop you in it's relaxing scent.

You can purchase these individually or in a larger size here.