Heart Chakra Wax Melt
Heart Chakra Wax Melt
Heart Chakra Wax Melt
The Divine Hag

Heart Chakra Wax Melt

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This Chakra is not located over the heart, but rather in the centre of the heart region.

When the Heart Chakra is too open, you may have feelings of being completely overwhelmed by your feelings and have the inability to cope, feelings of hypersensitivity and being continually hurt can be overwhelming.

When this chakra is blocked or out of alignment, feelings of jealousy, rage, codependency and withdrawal can be experienced.

Damage to this Chakra can be long standing and profound, and coping with it may have altered the way of being. With gentle work the balance can be restored.

Meditation is one way to help relax and realign this Chakra and our beautifully crafted wax melt  has been specifically blended to aid this

The heady, floral beauty of Ylang Ylang, known for its balancing and healing properties has been expertly mixed with the calming Lavender, known for its relaxing properties with the slightly but gentle Mandarin oil, bringing tone to the mix.

Ancient magick and healing released into your home with love .

These wax melts have been manufactured from eco - soy wax and essential oils

Appropriate Chakra crystals have been embedded in each melt

All essential oils have been specifically selected with regard to their properties which are specific to rebalancing this Chakra

All melts are vegan, all ingredients ethically sourced and made and 100% ethically produced in Scotland

The melts are wrapped in clear biodegradable film.