Dog Calming Spray Giftset
Dog Calming Spray Giftset
The Divine Hag

Dog Calming Spray Giftset

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 Created after having a very nervous puppy, The Divine Hound is a water based aromatherapy puppy spray, designed to calm, relax and focus your new pup.

It is useful in the transition from their doggy mummy to you.  Both in training and any circumstances where your pup could feel stressed.
In keeping with our recycling and ethical ethos the spray and kerchief are presented in a reusable tin, the empty bottle may be returned for the usual £1 discount from the next purchase and the beautiful kerchiefs are made by BeYonder Glasgow using repurposed cloth in a variety of colours.
The spray contains a mix of essential oils known for their calming properties, including camomile, frankincense and bergamot.
As dogs are super sensitive and should not be exposed to many aromatherapy oils this spray is presented in a pack with a cute kerchief where you can apply some of the spray and then either tie the kerchief around the puppy’s neck or attach to his collar (depending on preference).